Each Ring On Your Finger Means Something

Oh, rings. Sometimes, they’re just a fashion statement. Other times, they mean something different. Yes, this seemingly innocent accessory can sometimes hold multitudes of meanings. From the sweet to the sad to the sentimental, rings hold can hold a lot of meaningful messages. This is why they are used to represent many moments and promises in life.

There are all kinds of rings. There are bands used to signify promises among friends, family, and lovers. There are bands used to represent a certain institution or organization. We have class rings often customized for every graduating class and military rings designed for honourable and selfless soldiers to represent their undying love for the country. Whatever its form may be, one thing is certain: There is a ring for every occasion and that makes it a really valuable little trinket.

Aside from the type of ring you wear, you can further convey a message in the way you wear it on your hand. As you may already know, these glamorous bands of metal are worn on the finger. But which finger exactly? Well, each finger has a corresponding meaning associated with it. Although some people don’t really think too much about this, there are others who purposefully wear the accessory on a specific finger to convey a message.

Today, we are going to decode all those messages and we’ll make it so that we have fun doing it!

Generally speaking, we have five fingers: the thumb, index, middle, ring, and little finger which we also address as the “pinky” in many occasions. Now unless you have a missing or extra finger, you should have the same five fingers on each hand which you can readily accessorize at any time. Among these five fingers, the thumb and index finger is the least to get a fashionable makeover. This is because it is generally inconvenient to wear anything on these fingers. Most rings are either worn on the middle, ring, or little finger since we don’t commonly use these three fingers in mundane, everyday tasks such as eating, writing and holding objects. So this also means that when a person wears a ring on either of these two fingers on purpose, there’s got to be some real reason behind it. More often than not, they’re probably not just making any old fashion statement, they must be conveying a certain message – a message we hope to understand today.

Anyway, I know you’re very excited to find out what each ring on your hand may mean so I won’t prolong this intro any longer. Below, we will discuss what a ring on every finger means. We hope that we were able to explain everything alright!

The Thumb

A ring on the thumb can vary in meaning, depending on which hand you’re wearing the ring on. If you’re wearing one in one or both of your thumbs right now, don’t bother switching it after reading the next paragraph. You will only be lying to yourself.

When we say “I” or “Me” we commonly use the thumb to refer to ourselves. In other words we use the thumb to gesture towards our own person. It’s also the same finger we use to wow or boo others. If they’re good, they get thumbs up. If they’re bad, they get thumbs down. In other words this little fat finger represents you (personal) plus others (universe) and is commonly linked with self-assertive behaviors.

On the right hand, wearing a ring on the thumb signifies ambition or an ambitious personality. On the left, it may mean that you are unsure of yourself. If you’re left-handed, then please understand these concepts in reverse. Always refer to the active hand (the one you use to write) in the proceeding passages.

The Index

Without doubt, a good fraction of the population point with the index finger. This is why we sometimes even call this finger, the “pointer.” Pointing with other fingers simply doesn’t seem as convenient or direct.

It’s second-nature to point with the index finger. This is why a ring on the pointer finger signifies leadership or authority. To lead means to direct and pointing signifies direction, correct? That’s where the association typically roots from. To add, it may also be understood as an expression of confidence and self-esteem.

If you’re wearing a ring on this finger, then you’re probably a leader yourself – maybe not officially but figuratively. If you wear the ring on the passive hand, it may mean that rather than a leader, you are more of a follower.

The Middle

I just mentioned earlier that rings are more commonly worn on the last three fingers of the hand. Surprisingly, the market begs to differ. There aren’t as much people who shop rings purposefully designed and sized for middle fingers. Anyway, a ring on this finger represents a lot of things like responsibility, accountability, self-reflection, and sometimes even beauty. But there aren’t that many people who read too much into rings worn on the middle finger. So if you don’t want to attract that much attention, you’re probably safer wearing a ring on this finger.

The Ring

It’s a no-brainer since this finger is obviously named after its symbolism. But for the sake of formality, rings on this finger may denote a love for beauty and your relationships with others such as your romantic partner or love. If you’re not the romantic type and you still like to wear a ring on this finger anyway, don’t worry. It may also signify creativity. So an artist can wear a ring on this finger as often as a married couple can.

The Pinky

This finger may be small but it’s big in meaning. A ring on this little finger stands for intuition, charisma, and intelligence. It is said that pinky rings are often worn by gifted and talented people. I’m wearing one on my right hand so I should say that I agree (lol). Anyway, people who wear a ring on this finger may have a talent for public speaking or are generally amusing conversationalists.

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