Finding The Perfect Wedding Band Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Planning a wedding is a most challenging task. I’ve been in that exact same situation before so I know all about the hustle and bustle involved in preparing for the big day. But because I’ve been there before, I can confidently tell you that you’ll get through it successfully. In fact, everything will be over before you even know it! What will remain is a sweet memory of that fateful day, when two separate hearts decided to become one. It is in that moment that you realize, those days spent planning, preparing, and arguing over which wedding cake to choose is all worth it. It is in that moment that you know you’ve entered a new journey with your partner – hand in hand, with a matching ring on your left hand.

Wait, what ring?

This is a no brainer but weddings have got to have a matching pair of rings. These bands symbolize you and your partner’s union. It represents your undying devotion and love for each other – yes, until death do you part. Needless to say, choosing the perfect wedding band is a problem often encountered by couples who are just about to tie the knot. I mean, these bands will represent your marriage forever. It is only natural to be extra tedious when choosing them. You wouldn’t want to end up wearing something you’re uncomfortable with for the rest of your life right? It’s not like these things are easy to replace too. If I have to say, these bands cost a considerable amount of money. It’s important (and necessary) that you choose right the first time.

However, how do you do that exactly?

I know a lot of you struggle with the same question. I mean, when is perfect, perfect? Or, something like that. Trust me; I have been in this exact situation before and like you, my partner and me had a lot of trouble choosing the perfect pair for our wedding. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We understand that you need to put forth a lot of effort just to make everything magical.

But before we get down to business, let’s answer the simplest of questions:

What’s all the fuss about rings anyway?

Why A Ring?

You must have asked this a couple of times yourself. Out of many, many types of jewelry, why did this world decide to go with rings to use as a symbol for marriage? They could’ve easily made necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and all those other trinkets the universal symbol of union. So why did society choose this particular item?

For one, rings hold a lot of symbolism even if we just take the physical aspect alone in consideration. The shape is circular. This means that there is no distinct end, not even a pause, in the shape of a ring. This roughly translates to “forever.” It conveys eternal love, in other words. No matter how many cycles or turns a circle makes, it will forever form a circle. So a ring represents everlasting love.

Beautiful, right?

Also, a more common type of band used for weddings are those made with gold. Other couples may also prefer other metals but the least common denominator among all their choices is that they want a material that doesn’t fade. This symbolizes unfading, unfaltering love – the kind of love the newlywed couple must forever strive for.

Lastly, a more practical reason to explain why rings have been picked to universally represent marriage is convenience. Wedding bands are easier to wear than wedding necklaces, bracelets, and whatnot. You don’t have to take them off for the most mundane tasks such as taking a bath or sleeping. Other jewelries don’t provide the wearer such convenience so I believe this is a big factor that explains why wedding bands are a popular choice.

Anyway, now that our reasons are all out in the open, it’s high time we help you with your main dilemma: How do you choose the perfect ring? To give you a head start in your search, it is important that you take a look at these factors:

The Perfect Ring Is Comfortable To Wear

Yes, if your ring is a complete hassle to wear, then what’s the point? A wedding band should be something you can wear anytime and anywhere. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to take it off – except when it’s time to clean and wax it. Why? Well, for one, it’s because taking your ring off often increases the risk of losing it. I mean, if you can forget your car keys, then you can easily misplace a wedding band right? Second, you would want to keep a symbol of your marriage close to you at all times. One, to remind you that you have someone back at home who loves very dearly. And two, you can ward off evil, cunning, and conniving spirits with it – if you know what I mean. So find something comfortable to wear at all times.

The Perfect Ring Speaks A Lot About Your Relationship

Another factor that you should consider is personality. Does the ring give justice to your relationship? Does it speak to you and your partner? Are you constantly reminded of each other when you wear it? Sure, a generic ring would be fine to use at the wedding but you earn extra points for choosing something that’s relevant and meaningful to your relationship. For example, you can choose a wedding band with five, small stones embedded in it to signify the five years you’ve been together before finally tying the knot – something like that.

The Perfect Ring Is Something You Choose Together

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in having a long term relationship, it’s to respect each other’s opinions. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you will always agree on things. This is why it is very, very important that you speak to each other as often as you can – especially when it’s about big decisions like choosing a pair of rings for the wedding. Don’t plan by yourself; keep your partner in the loop. Trust me; you’ll have a more harmonious relationship that way.

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