Old Is Gold Or Gold Is Old?

When it comes to weddings, we all know that a gold ring is a classic choice. I don’t know how but someone, somewhere decided that it’s the “normal thing” for newlyweds to wear – not that I’m accepting or refuting the whole idea. I guess you can say that I’m with neutral opinion here. After all, I’m particularly fond of gold rings as well. What’s not to love right?

But sometimes, I just can’t help but bring myself to wonder why.

In search for answers, I have come across many theories online about the origins of this wedding tradition. You’d be surprised at how vivid and playful people’s imaginations can be. For instance, I read that the only reason why people give diamonds so much value is because we are lead to believe that they are “scarce.” If you’ve studied economics (seriously) before, you should know that the rarer an item or material is, the higher is its perceived value. This is mostly true for precious stones like diamonds. One conspiracy theory is that diamonds, in reality, are abundant in nature. They say that a certain company (I will not mention names; you can look this up yourself), the same company that romanticized diamonds as the perfect engagement ring to propose marriage with, came across a huge diamond mine and instead of rejoicing, they felt fear. Of course, with such a huge bulk of diamonds, the price of the carbon-based crystal will dwindle down for sure. At worst, it will be reduced to nothing but shiny ornament. According to this conspiracy theorist, the company then bought all rights to this diamond mine and made it exclusive to their company. It is further stated that authentic, naturally-acquired diamonds are numerous in number but the company who has jurisdiction over the mineral stone limits the number of diamonds that is released to the market – creating an illusion of scarcity.

It’s a pretty intriguing theory, don’t you think?

Well, there are countless others. The making of a gold ring as the traditional symbol of union has also earned the attention and scrutiny of many conspiracy theorists. Still, they’re all just theories and we really don’t know for sure. It just feels exciting to uncover the truth, no?

Anyway, all this talk has lead me to raise the question I have in the title today: Old is gold or gold is old?

Gold wedding bands have been a wedding staple since who knows when – and for good reason, of course! This shimmery metal stands for a lot of things and it symbolizes very noble truths. For one, gold never fades. It dulls, yes, but it never fades completely. You can give it a quick brush and shine and it’s good as new. This resiliency of the metal to time, tear, and wear perfectly symbolizes the kind of married life the newlywed couple should lead. If you really think about it, the meaning behind these shiny bands is really good and heartwarming. It can practically make you agree that they deserve to be up there with other common traditions. Despite being a staple in wedding ceremonies for ages, there’s still a certain charm to gold rings that cannot be found anywhere else.

In this case, old is cool.

But I know that there are also some of you who beg to differ. In this era of diversity and individuality, it is not uncommon to find people who blatantly refuse to follow traditions. They consider this as an act of “conformity” and believe that they’re not benefiting anyone (except capitalists) by following these norms. So while gold wedding bands are nice and classy, they dislike the idea of it simply because it is too “normal.” This is the “gold is old” faction – or so I like to call them.

Now this group is what you’d call the non-conformists. They like to jive things up and make ordinary experiences their own. They want to be unique and unlike others. Even on traditional events like weddings, they want to create an experience that they can truly call their own. If you’re a part of this crowd, don’t worry. You certainly aren’t the only one. I wouldn’t call it making a “fuss over nothing” too. If you want to stand out, so be it. If you truly want to experience something new for yourself, so be it. Your partner will definitely appreciate all the effort you put into making your wedding one of a kind!

If a gold ring isn’t for you or if you simply want to change things up a little bit, then we have a few suggestions on what you can do:

Customize Your Ring!

Yes, there’s nothing more original than having your rings customized. When we say customize, it means that you get a professional crafter to design a ring or materialize a design you want for your ring exclusively. This would make you and your love the only people in the world to be in possession of that certain ring. Sounds romantic, right? You can customize a lot of things about a ring: the material, design, stones, and engravings. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to make your wedding bands one-of-a-kind!

Add A Personal, Heartfelt Message

I know you’ve seen a lot of couples do it. And by that, I mean etching a short message on the inner side of the ring. Still, it’s a great way to make your wedding bands feel a little more personal. It’s really not about engraving but rather adding a personal message that you and your partner will both find meaningful. It can be a single word or a short phrase. It can be something silly such as your favorite cartoon character or the name of the supermarket where you first met. Just look for something real and something that will constantly remind you of why you’ll be marrying in the first place.

Have You Ever Heard Of Exotic Inlays?

Lastly, you can also consider exotic inlays. When we talk exotic inlays, these are precious stones, minerals, or metals that are encased within the ring’s frame. This could be anything – from corals to bones and wood to meteorite. This will definitely give your wedding bands a more daring touch. Don’t worry. If you like gold so much, you can still use it as the primary material. Adding the inlay will just give it a more personal feel!

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