Professing Your Love In A Gallant and Galactic Manner

Sometimes, we love so deep and so hard that we find it difficult to express it. If love was an easy thing to understand, then people won’t be having so many problems with it after all. Love is simply too complex, too confusing, and too magnanimous to give definite answers too. It is also so compelling and alluring that when you come face to face with it, you lose all sense of self-control. You can neither tell yourself how to feel nor how to act. Even the words that come out of your mouth will seem like the words of a stranger – a foolish, love struck stranger.

But hey, you can’t tell yourself to stop loving. Why? Because as much as love is excruciating, it’s also a pleasant and heavenly feeling. I would even go as far as saying that it’s an addictive feeling. The moment you fall in love, euphoria fills your body. Everything, even for just moment, feels perfect. Everything, even for just a millisecond, seems to fall exactly into place. When you fall in-love, suddenly, life becomes a little better, a little brighter, and a lot more exciting. It is when you finally cherish someone so much that you realize this world isn’t all about you. It’s about something bigger, greater, and more meaningful than you.

Love, in other words, is out of this world.

So if you’re confused as to how you should express your love to your significant other right now – in a way that he or she can perfectly understand – then I have but one suggestion for you: Profess your love in a gallant and galactic manner.

Yes, that’s right. Since love is a concept that’s out of this world, then shouldn’t you express it in ways that are similar? If you really want to make an impression and convey all the right messages to the person who owns your heart, then you should profess it in the most grandiose and meaningful way. I’m not saying you should buy her an island or anything. Genuineness, after all, still outdoes wealth. No matter what expensive things you buy, you can never win over someone’s heart.

What you need is an item that is not only precious but also meaningful.

If you’ve read one of Paulo Coehlo’s books before, you may find this line (I wrote it as I remember it so forgive me if the wording is not accurate) familiar:

“When you want something (so much), the whole universe conspires with you to have it.” 

This basically translates to “if you want something a whole lot and your heart is yearning for it so much, the entire universe will help you acquire it.” I believe that this line is some of the best I’ve read in all my years of reading novels. It’s a beautiful line that speaks of faith in what the universe can do, of what you can do when you want something so much. I believe that it can also be likened to the feeling of loving someone and pursuing that certain love.

Sometimes, it may feel like someone is within your reach and then, they’re not. It can be an annoying, torturing, and frustrating feeling to have someone dear to you be so near and yet you can never bring yourself to act on what you’re feeling.

Tell you what. All you need is a moment. The perfect timing to let it all out – and maybe the perfect gift to represent the overpowering emotions your heart holds towards the person it desires. You feel like you want to give the universe to this person and yet you can’t.

So why not just give her a piece of the universe?

Lucky for you, we may have just thought of the perfect gift: A meteorite ring.

What Is It Exactly?

The name should be a total giveaway. This particular ring I’m talking about is inlayed with real, authentic meteorite. The kind you look at from afar whenever there’s a cosmic shower. Now, these heavenly rocks don’t fall to earth everyday, which makes this type of material very rare and precious. The price is certainly not something you can easily shell out of your pocket (or can you?) but we are positive that it is a worthy buy.

A meteorite ring is precious, valuable, and meaningful. As for its value, you can always look it up in the internet. So for today, we want to focus more on showing you the meaningfulness of giving your person this one-of-a-kind ring.

Metaphorically, here’s what a meteorite ring conveys to the love of your life:

“You Are Special To Me”

Yes, this ring basically tells your significant other how special he or she is to you. The material used is precious, valuable, and durable. Translating this in the language of love, you’re basically telling your loved one that they hold the same special place in your life and that you would trade them for no other. If you want someone in your life to feel your outpouring devotion, then this is the perfect gift!

“You Are Not Just My World. You Are My Universe.”

That’s right. What can be more romantic than telling someone that they’re not just your world but their universe? Any romantic will definitely fall on their feet hearing that line! But make sure you mean it okay? This particular ring can definitely convey this kind of message to your partner and that’s beautiful.

“I Will Love You Until The Universe Ends” 

But does it end? No, not really. So this basically means that you’re telling them you’re going to love them forever. The universe extends to many more universes; it’s not bound by our human-concept of space. Just like the universe knows no limits, your love doesn’t too. This ring can embody those exact same feelings and convey them to the person you cherish the most.

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