What A Meteorite Ring Tells Your Partner

If you’re a hopeless romantic (like me), you want nothing but happiness for your partner. You always think in the best of their interests. You want them to be happy so you do everything to try and make them happy. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple:

It’s because their happiness is your happiness. Isn’t that right?  

Sometimes, however, we end up getting so worked up about our partners that we end up confused and anxious about what to do all the time. We become seriously stressed about what to do that we lose sight of what really matters – and that is looking for lasting happiness for you and your partner as a couple.

This cycle, although sweet and endearing, may potentially leads to many misunderstandings and arguments. We get so caught up worrying about petty matters that we forget to live in the moment, to enjoy every quirky situation we experience with our respective partners, and just brave through whatever life holds for us with a smile on our face. Oftentimes, overthinking things and making unnecessary plans for the future can really take our attention away from things that are really important. Spending time together, laughing together, having fun naturally in each other’s company is what being in a relationship is all about. It doesn’t have to fancy dinners and grand anniversaries all the time. Honestly, I think that couples who try less end up experiencing more.

When there’s less worry, there is more room for fun. When you stop worrying about tomorrow, the more you get to enjoy the time you have together now. The more involved you are with each other’s lives, the less likely it is for you to get into arguments or have misunderstandings. That is because you work on the same page; none of you is left behind or thinking way ahead. You’re both just facing life as it unfolds.

If you feel like your relationship’s been rocky lately and you can’t understand why, then maybe you’re doing too little (or too much!) to make the relationship work. It’s not healthy in either case. If you give too little concern, your partner will start thinking that you don’t care about your relationship at all. If you start showing too much effort, your partner will also think you’re being suffocating. You have to find just the right balance.

But hey, the remedy to a petty fight is always a nice peace offering. Actually, a sweet gift may just be the thing you need to express all the love you have for your partner! Who knows? It might even rekindle your simmering passions and turn it ablaze once more!

This calls for intergalactic intervention. Why not give your love a meteorite ring for a change?

You’re probably wondering, why a this ring of all things? Well, we have a lot of reasons for suggesting this specific gift item to you. But it all boils down to the meaning this item will convey to your partner. You do know how every gift speaks a message right? Well, sometimes, it conveys more than just one message. In the case of these rings, I believe it will tell your partner the following things:

  1. Our Love Is Bigger Than The Universe Itself

If you look up the definition of a meteorite in the internet, you’ll learn that it is a foreign body that originates outside the Earth. It’s not just a piece of the world; it’s a piece of the universe. And I think that, by itself, already conveys a lot of meaning to the receiver. It means that your affection is not confined or ruled by the laws of the earth for it goes beyond it. It’s a love that defies time, space, and gravity – a love like no other. We believe that by getting your partner this particular ring, you can convey all of these feelings without fail. I just know that he or she will appreciate it too! After all, it’s not everyday that you see someone put this much effort into keeping a relationship alive.

  1. I Will Devote Myself To You – To Infinity And Beyond

As you may have already learned back in primary school, the universe is limitless. It has no boundaries, ends, or whatsoever. It’s an endless stretch of space. Within it are innumerable solar systems and galaxies. It’s definitely an awe-inspiring entity. To give someone you love a piece of this universe also tells them that your love knows no bounds. It extends graciously, limitlessly – to infinity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear of Disney’s Toy Story would say it. A love like this is cannot be rivalled by anything else in the universe and I think your significant half will appreciate receiving such a bold profession of love.

  1. Just Like How This Ring Defied Time And Space To Get To You, I Will Also Defy Anything Just To Be By Your Side

Yes, if you really think about it, what are the chances of a meteorite landing on Earth? It’s pretty slim, I tell you. That’s why it is considered to be such a rare element. However, despite the odds, a meteorite successfully landed on earth, fell into the hands of the right people, and finally reached you. The fact that you were able to get your hands on this ring and give it to the one person you love is a pretty amazing thing. Not everyone can do the same. Not everyone can sacrifice time, effort, and finances just to keep the love of their lives happy. It takes a lot of guts, courage, and heart to actually show someone the deepest of your affections. If you can do it, then hats off to you! You are someone who loves deeply and greatly. There should be more people like you.

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